Freshmanities #2

Peter Hull ’10 Alerted me to this hilarious section of this week’s First Year Matters newsletter that we freshman find in our inboxes every week.

Foiling Facebook Frenzy

“Do you spend hours at a time browsing through the photo albums of your friends’ friends? Are you disappointed when you check your email to find out that no one has messaged your Facebook account? Do you look up people’s screennames just to check their away messages? If you answered yes to any of these questions, you might have a problem with Facebook frenzy.

Here are some tips from ResLife staff members to foil Facebook frenzy:

* Give a friend control over your Facebook password so that you can only sign on if that friend lets you. Make a pact with the friend to allow you access to Facebook only for a certain amount of time per day.
* Limit the time you spend on Facebook to less than half an hour per day. Place a sticky on your computer that says “NO” to remind yourself not to login to Facebook.
* Logout!

Poking (and being poked) is fun, but Facebook “friends” aren’t half as fun as real friends.”

I hope next week they tell me how to stop reading the ACB.

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