My Professor Said What?!

Ok, this has been done in countless incarnations before, most recently and famously at Overheard at College. Nonetheless, it is timelessly funny to read just how quotable some of our professors are in even the driest of contexts (especially when taken out of context). So here’s the deal (and let’s see if this even works):

You email us at Wesleying(at) with your professor’s quote. Each Wednesday starting next week, we will post all the previous week’s submissions. In the subject just put something like “Professor Q.” or whatever. In the body, include the quotation (duh), the professor’s name, and the course you’re in. For example,

Professor: Is there anyone here from a bad state?
Girl: New Jersey?
Professor: Yeah, that’ll work.
–Professor ____, Govt 203: How Not to Run for President

We probably won’t post anything that will get a professor in trouble, only mildly ridiculed by the other professors in the department who read this blog during their next faculty meeting (HI!!!!).

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