Return of the Wumpus

The thesis concert of grad student David Jensenius (experimental music) is this weekend. Why should you be hella excited? (Other than the fact that Caley Monahon-Ward ’07 and Xiaoxi Tu ’09 are the undergraduates in the program, along with a bunch of other grad students…)

  • It’s called “Return of the Wumpus
  • It’s only 30 minutes long
  • 4 “hunters” wearing headgear with lights on it run around the dark chapel playing their instruments and looking for the sax-playing “wumpus”
  • All their moves are determined by a computer
  • The music changes according to the environment/dangers: i.e. battling with the wumpus or falling into a pit
  • Ends with a surprise involving a trap, visual effects, and a bitter fight to the death

Date: Saturday, February 10th
Time: 8pm
Venue: Memorial Chapel

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