Friday’s Rocking Good Time

Hey dudes, so Joe John and I have come up with the best possible way for you to spend your Friday afternoon:

Guitar Hero and Gatorade!!!!!

We will be playing Guitar Hero*, drinking Gatorade (because you need energy to RAWK!!!), and making flippin’ sweet Rockin’ Valentines with Keith Richards**.

Come and (this is important) bring your friends (and after-school snacks)!!!! Schmooze with other really cool people in a totally unawkward way. It’s going to ROCK!!

Date: Friday, February 9
Time: 4-6pm
Place: Hi-Rise Lounge (call me, Holly Wood, to get in; find my digits here)

*I only have Guitar Hero II, if you have Guitar Hero I, pleeeease bring. If you are some ungodly expert at GH and have a memory card with all the extras unlocked ALSO BRING. I have a lot, but not, say, the Reaper dude or fun outfits (I *do* have 2 guitars).

**Keith Richards may or may not be attending. WHO KNOWS!!?!

I do have Trogdor. You’re welcome.

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