Politically Incorrect Party at Macalester.

You don’t hear much about Macalester these days. But they were in the news yesterday about an investigation by officials into yet another politically incorrect party:

An off-campus party that asked students to come dressed “politically incorrect” has prompted an investigation by Macalester College officials who learned one student was costumed as a Ku Klux Klan member and another wore blackface with a noose around his neck.

The student newspaper, The Mac Weekly, quoted senior David Nifoussi, who attended the party, as saying it was meant to be a satiric comment on “things that would be considered taboo in most situations” at the liberal school.

And in expected fashion a dean responded with a call for–you guessed it–more dialogue:

“We hope we can start a deeper dialogue on … why these types of activities hurt people and why they get the kind of response they do,” said Jim Hoppe, the school’s associate dean of students.

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