Washington Crossing the Delaware Remix

New Haven-based Nathan Lewis, ex-Wes drawing professor and one of my Top 10 People You Should Meet, has a dream: Remake George Washington Crossing the Delaware. He is putting together a group of people from all over the country –nay, world–and is looking to get some Wesleyan students together for some posin’ action.

What this would entail:

  • Taking poses from the original painting in a side lit situation
  • Playing the part in terms of expression, possibly including accoutrements of today’s culture (ipods, headphones, etc.)
  • Finding props that could serve for oars
  • Inventing some new poses that would qualify as epic.

So far, participants have hailed from California, Georgia, India, Bulgaria, and Norway. The idea is to get as many people as possible and have a photo shoot in the drawing studios once a decent number is accumulated.

Spread the word, and if you’re game, send an e-mail to nathan247(at)comcast.net with the subject heading “Blessed Isles”.

You can see more of Nathan’s art here. You can also watch him skydive.

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