Punchline Stand-Up Comedy Wants You!

Anna Nicole Smith lived her life like a candle in the wind, which is why Punch Line is dedicating this week’s auditions to the memory of America’s princess. So, write a few minutes of material, put on your murderin’ diaper, and come over to the Top Floor of the Campus Center at 9:00PM on Feb. 14th or Feb. 15th to audition for the first Punchline stand-up comedy show of 2007. Remember – in space, no one can hear you shit yourself.

Note: If you’re miserable and depressed on Valentine’s Day and feel like someone just kicked your heart in the nuts, tell about your pain. Because pain is funny. Your pain, specifically. If you have any questions or delightful e-cards, send them to asussman(at)wes and/or dcrossley(at)wes.

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