Want to live in WestCo next year?

Want to live in WestCo next year?
Come hang out, get the low down, at an OPEN GUIDANCE!
Date: Monday, February 19th
Time:10:07 pm
Location:WestCo Lounge

A bit about Westco:

West College seeks to provide a cooperative, liberal, and multicultural community that promotes the pursuit of group initiatives based on the interest of its first and second-year residents. Continuing a longstanding tradition of self-governance and activism, residents are expected to take an active role in shaping the social, intellectual, and living environment of WestCo. Through Guidance, a weekly meeting open to the entire WestCo community, residents are encouraged to organize events for both the residence hall and the University. In the past, residents have organized musical and artistic events (in the unique student-run Café, situated under WestCo 3), planned two mid-semester festivals, and worked on other projects reflecting a commitment to artistic expression, political activism, and multiculturalism. WestCo welcomes all students who will actively contribute to the WestCo community and work for these goals. WestCo is also centrally located on campus and connected to WesShop. In WestCo, residents live in doubles, two-room doubles, and singles.

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