The Wisdom of Laverne

Kim Segall ’10 writes this great feature in this week’s Argus about everyone’s weekend sunshine, Laverne Pharham. We could all learn a thing or two about life from Laverne:

“I love [this job] because I love these kids,” she said. “I love these kids. I love my co-workers. I just love people in general.”

“There was this one time when a group of us were coming through the line at MoCon and she decided to give us all hugs and told us that giving and receiving hugs was very important,” Kristin May ’10 said.

“I don’t have a glamorous life,” Pharham said. “The less you accumulate materially, the happier you are.”

She attributes many of these life lessons to wisdom she learned from her mother. These values have shaped her attitudes in life and at work.

“Whatever you dish out to the world, you get back,” she said. “If you’re hateful, that’s what you get back.”

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