Homeless by Choice

Tired of Reslife’s Housing Contract? Wanna live off campus but don’t have any cash or viable place to live? You could try what Cal State student Andy Bussell did and live out of your car for an entire year:

Most mornings, Bussell heads to the university gym to shower, shave and brush his teeth. Then he heads to class, and later to work. Evenings are often spent rock climbing or doing yoga, visiting friends or studying in the student union, which has wireless Internet access. Then he heads back to the truck, which he parks in a variety of locations, and plays guitar, reads with a battery-powered headlamp or watches DVDs on his laptop.

Bussell has attracted attention on campus, from fellow film students, who created a short documentary about him, and from the campus newspaper. But he has long been an oddity among his peers. He graduated two years early from high school yet has spent a decade in college, switching majors several times. He graduates in the spring, and is awaiting responses to grad school applications. He hopes to shoot travel pieces and nature documentaries, and plans to write a book about his experiences. Postings on his blog, gotruckyourself.blogspot.com, will provide fodder.

“I’ve learned that I could set my mind to something and do it,” he said. “I think I’ve gained an appreciation for homelessness, in a way. Mine is a choice, but I can appreciate it now. I can understand what people are going through.”

Still, to gain a further understanding, Bussell plans to live as a homeless person for a week before he graduates, carrying a backpack with his belongings and sleeping in the bushes of Cal State Fullerton.

“There are so many things to do, and I’ve got to do them all,” he said.

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2 thoughts on “Homeless by Choice

  1. Anonymous

    but they don’t let you.you mussst sign the housing contract!(p.s. toyota pickup trucks with camper shells: totally hot)ta!

  2. Anonymous

    but they don’t let you.
    you mussst sign the housing contract!
    (p.s. toyota pickup trucks with camper shells: totally hot)


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