Dear Wesleying

Dara Jaffe ’09 writes in asking us to clarify the housing situation as it stands for upcoming juniors. I shall do my best to navigate the GRS system as I understand it.

Essentially, what happened last year for the class of 2008 is as follows: Most GRS groups are groups of four and I feel like most people shoot for lo-rises first. Groups of two or groups of four locked out of lo-rise seek then the large hi-rises. After those, then go the small hi-rises (I live in a small hi-rise).

There are also apartments on Pearl Street for groups of three, who obviously don’t fit into either a hi- or lo-rise situation.

There is also the lesser explored terrain of dorm living. Because there were more juniors on campus than usual (which caused a lot of problems such as 3-to-a-room situations in the butts), many juniors were forced to take rooms in the dorms. Usually, they take either Nic 7 (because it has the most singles) or the “Copenhagens” in the Butts which are weird little enclaves on the sides of the buildings that have their own bathrooms (I seriously have no idea why they are called that, by the way).

Generally, this is how it plays out. There are obvious exceptions, like having a senior or a sophomore in your group which will mess it all up, but whatever, I can’t possibly explain all the variable situations. Hope this helps.



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