Eating clubs as a way of life

Undercover at Princeton’s eating clubs— A cautionary tale about a university without fraternities. Sort of. Part “omg naked ivy sex parties!!1”, part social commentary, part dick in a box. Involves a passing reference to diving into a tub of Crisco. Will the day ever come that students are tapped into Chique Chaque instead of Psi U or Star and Crescent instead of ADP? Probably not. (What kind of name is Chique Chaque, anyways?)

Aside: Back in Wesleyan’s old-boy days, fraternity membership was capped at 23 members per frat for each incoming year. Recall that there were 11-12 fraternities and class sizes of less than 300 and you’ll see the rhetoric. Each fraternity had an eating club. If you were in a fraternity, you ate at your fraternity’s eating club and only at your fraternity’s eating club. If you were (gasp!) an independent, you still probably ate at an eating club, ’cause there sure wasn’t a Weshop or falafel cart. Chique Chaque, Beta Grill, and the S&C are the surviving remnants of what used to be an extensive part of campus life. (I seem to recall that Eclectic’s eating club was called the Alpha, but I may have just pulled that out of my ass.)

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