Get your Wesfest Events in Pronto

Wesfest Intern Emily Malkin sez:

Any individual or student group that is holding an event over WesFest that wants it printed in the WesFest booklet needs to submit it to sweimer@wes by March 30. We need the name of the event, the location, the time, the date, and any additional info about the event.

We are also still looking for more hosts for that weekend! If you are a freshman or a sophomore and are interested in hosting a prefrosh on either Thursday, April 19 or Friday, April 20 (it’s only a one night commitment!), please email one of the WesFest interns: Maya Bery ’08 (mbery@wes), Emily Malkin ’08 (emalkin@wes), Andrew Walker ’09 (akwalker@wes), or Lauren Russman ’09 (lrussman@wes).

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