The Onion <3

Sharp-eyed Emma Drew ’10 spotted this Onion article with a Wesleyan mention:

College Senior Hopes To Turn Love of Data Entry Into Career

Wesleyan University senior Frances Hardwick said she’s concerned she won’t be able to find employment as a personal assistant even after graduating in the top 10 percent of her class.

“The only thing I’ve ever wanted is a life of service: taking phone messages, picking up dry cleaning, and getting coffee for the well-off,” said Hardwick, who believes she will be in for a “rude awakening” once she is out on her own. “I’m not looking to get rich. All I need is just barely enough money to pay rent.”


Alex Levy ’08 wrote in to tell us about another media mention:

Wes gets mentioned in the current (March 19) issue of The New Yorker. There’s a Talk of the Town piece on Lin-Manuel Miranda ’02 and he’s quoted as saying:

“My dad and my mother […] encouraged me my whole entire life to do what I wanted. So I found places – Wesleyan, for one – that had people who felt as passionately as I did about things like Hitchcock movies.”

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