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Dear Wesleyan Music Community,

I am looking for a student band to open for a band I am bringing to Wesleyan called Johnny Hi-Fi. The event will be held on Saturday April 28th and will be a part of April Awareness Month. The band’s website is if you are interested in learning more about the kind of music they play. They are a largely Asian American band and have been called an Asian brit pop band. They are unique in that each band member holds a full time job besides being a part of Johnny Hi-Fi. They have toured all over the US and Asia. We would really like the student band to open and play for 15 minutes prior to Johnny Hi-Fi’s performance. Please contact me if you are interested.

We also need to borrow instruments because the band members will be flying in from different parts of the country and will not be able to bring instruments. Only the lead singer will bring his guitar. We also need a 4-piece drum set, and a bass guitar. Does anyone know whom we could borrow instruments from?

If you are a student band and you are interested in opening for the band please contact . If you have information about where I could borrow instruments from at Wesleyan please also contact me. I would appreciate it greatly.

Melanie Cherng, ’08

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