Come witness a truly spectacular meeting of the spirit and mind as visionary Black creators Dr. Joy James and printer Amos Paul Kennedy Jr. revisit Wesleyan for a surely superb public dialog.

Dr. Joy James is a renowned Political Scientist/Philosopher, Radical Feminist Theorist, Incarceration Critic and professor who wowed the Wesleyan community last semester with her compelling arguments on the connections between Race and Criminalization in modern and historical America.

Amos Paul Kennedy Jr. is a forward-thinking Printer whose pensive ‘N-word’ exhibition challenged the Wesleyan community to rethink and newly experience their relations to Black expressivity and reality.

Last semester, the university community was forced to choose between these accomplished and unique catalysts of Radical Black Thought. No more. For they are returning to Wesleyan again at the same date and time in the explicit practice of dialogue and collective development.

More information on Dr. Joy James here, and on Amos Paul Kennedy, Jr. here.

Date: Wednesday, March 28th
Time: 8:10pm – 10:10pm
Location: Memorial Chapel

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