Pesach at wes!

Hey folks. Pesach (or Passover) is coming up, and it’s one of the most important Jewish holidays out there (yeah, more so than Chanukah – don’t even try to argue). Basically, we were slaves in Egypt, and now we aren’t, so we celebrate by eating a giant feast of food and telling the story, except that the food kind of sucks because you can’t eat, well, most food that exists out there in a world where all the food we get is processed to begin with.

ANYWAY. Freaking out because it’s your first Passover away from home? Not Jewish, but just interested in learning more? Not freaking out, because you’re thrilled to not be home with your lame parents who have a ten million hour seder, but not looking to ditch your Jewish identity completely? Here’s what’s going on at Wes for the holiday:

  • First Night Seder – Monday, April 2nd at 6 pm – Butt C Lounge. This is the big seder that doesn’t go too late into the night and is open to the entire Wes community. It’s not too late to RSVP (but Sunday will be, and Saturday is questionable), so do so ASAP by e-mailing with your name and WesID#. Your card will be charged 16.95 points, or 1 meal + 6.95 points.
  • Second Night Seder – Tuesday, April 3rd – wherever you want. There’s no big seder this time, but you and your friends can order a “seder-to-go” which will include food, matzah, grape juice (yeah, I know, I wanted real manishevitz too), and even haggadot, and then hold your own seder somewhere out there. E-mail ASAP with your name, WesID#, and whether you’re vegetarian or not. This will cost you some unspecified (?) number of points, or 1 meal.
  • Shabbat – Friday, April 6th – the Bayit. Those weekly wonderful Shabbat services that you know and love, but with delicious homecooked KOSHER FOR PASSOVER food this time.
  • the rest of Passover – kosher l’Pesach food will be available at the Kosher Kitchen (that little one in the Butt A basement) for every weekday lunch and dinner, and “brunch” from 11:30 – 2 on Saturday and Sunday. Again, this will cost 1 meal or an unspecified number of points. Also, Weshop should be carrying some limited kosher-for-passover options. Like, you know, matzah.

All this info and more can be found on the Rabbi’s website. And remember: at least there are macaroons.

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