It’s early, but yeah, it’s time for preregistration. You got the registrar’s e-mail? Good, now read it. Keep a copy in your inbox for reference come some rainy day. Which should be all this week.

Still confused? Heather Alderfer, who sends us all sorts of helpful things that keep us from accidentally fucking ourselves over class-wise and enrollment-wise, is holding two information sessions for students and faculty Tuesday (noon, PAC001) and Wednesday (12:30, PAC001) to explain the various intricacies of course registration. Go hang out with her. And if you’re shy, e-mail her at halderfer@wes. She’s very nice. Unlike us.

Topics Discussed will be:

-how to best use WesMaps (differences between X and 0, search, where new and cancelled courses are listed)

-what students should do before they meet with their advisor, so they don’t waste their advisor’s time

-when it is a good idea to list your rank 1 course as 2B

-how to figure out why you didn’t get the classes you ranked

-what to do during adjustment (get seats in classes you want!)

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