8^8: A Synaesthetic Pan O’Rama

This weekend, Jake Lewis ’07 will make worlds collide in his senior thesis, 8^8. He writes:

Dance music, spoken word, ambient noise, and live electronic jazz are shaped in real time by the behaviors of all beings in the trimodal space. You can run but you can’t hide from my eye in the sky.

YOU are the perfomer. YOU are the audience. YOU are the sound engineer. YOU are the light engineer. YOU are the dancers. YOU are on stage. YOU are the intentional agents. YOU ARE THE SHOW.

Pan O’Rama: Grand Wazoo
Hollow: Goa Guru
3 of Spades: Ambient Entity
60 Cycles: Beat Repeater
G-Don: Low End Theory
Zac the Mack: The Man in Back
Aw Naw: The Foreman
Ronald McKuivila: Consiglieri

Dates: Thursday, April 5th through Saturday, April 7th
Times: 8pm and 12am
Location: ’92 Theater

TICKETS ARE FREE (and can be purchased at the Box Office). THE FUN IS FREE. GO, GO, GO!

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