The Jon and Jess Variety Show: Still in the Running

Congrats! WesAlums and former improv kids Jon Golbe ’06 and Jess Lane ’06 are making history. Well, they’re making history for themselves or something. Their latest show The Jon and Jess Variety Hour on is their longest running show to date, after two canceled shows Teen Homicide and Anne Frank: The Lost Pages. Despite the fact that The Jon and Jess Variety Hour isn’t actually an hour, it managed to nab the 4th place prize and will now return for a fifth episode. While I’d still say that the third episode is my favorite, I have to give props for the “Wild Wild West” choreography and the shoutouts to Professor Richard Slotkin in the site’s forums.

If for some strange reason you happen to be in NYC on Monday April 30th at 8PM, make sure to head over to the Anthology Film Archives to vote for the next episode and keep this show going.

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