Hosting Prefrosh for Wesfest

Hosting a prefrosh officially:

Signed up for hosting a prefrosh during WesFest? Interested in hosting a prefrosh during WesFest but not signed up yet? There’s a WesFest Host Training Session at the Admissions Office this Wednesday, April 11th. Drop in anytime between 2-5pm. It takes 5 minutes, but you’ll want to stay and grab some free pizza, too. THIS IS HOSTING A REGULAR DECISION PREFROSH FOR 1 NIGHT THROUGH THE UNIVERSITY. If you are hosting/interested in hosting and can’t make it, send the WesFest Interns an email at wesfest@wes.

Hosting a prefrosh unofficially:

Early Decision prefrosh are also coming to WesFest, and they aren’t provided housing. There is a student initiative to host these homeless prefrosh, so please, if you have room, e-mail nmarshall@wes! Let him know how many prefrosh you’re willing to take in, for how many nights, and if you have a preference as to your prefrosh’s gender identity.

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