Gay Marriage Bill Hits CT Legislature

A gay marriage bill was presented for vote this week in Connecticut:

The move sends the bill, which would allow gay and lesbian couples to marry, to the House, and then the Senate. Both chambers of the legislature must now approve the bill, which would then go to Gov. M. Jodi Rell, who has indicated in the past that she does not support gay marriage. Thursday’s vote comes nearly two years to the day after the legislature approved a bill allowing civil unions, which Rell signed.

In emotional testimony Thursday, freshman Rep. Beth Bye, a Democrat from West Hartford, spoke about her own civil union. While she said she is pleased to have some rights, she is continually reminded that her relationship is not accorded the same status as a marriage.

“I’m the only one sitting here living it every day,” Bye said Thursday. “I tell you it’s not trivial.”

Interested in the life of the bill?

  • Contact Governor Jodi Rell here.
  • Contact a whole bunch of officers who represent portions of Middletown and tell them what you think:



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