Zombies Vs. Humans, Spring Edition

The new rules are out! The game has a preemptive start date of April 25th. Join the Facebook group if you want to play.

Zombies Vs. Humans Spring 2007 Official Rules

1 original zombie: he or she gets 5 undercover tags, then they must reveal themselves

Zombies: Wear bandanas on their heads. Zombies who are actively participating must have headbands on AT ALL TIMES. You can’t not wear a headband, wait for a human to pass you, and then put it on and run after them. You may not tag someone if you aren’t wearing your bandana, naturally. The only times you are permitted to not wear a bandana on your head is when you are in the middle of class, in your own room, or in the shower.

Humans: Wear bandanas on their arms. Bandana must be easily visible on the outside of your clothing (so someone who looked at you could tell that you were playing in the game) and you cannot cover it with your hand, for example, to prevent yourself from being noticed. The only times you are permitted to not wear your bandana are the same as seen above for zombies. If a human is not wearing their bandana at a time other than these, THEY ARE CHEATING. Wear your bandana between the bathroom and your room.

Tagging Rules:
• A zombie that touches a human infects that human. The human does not become a zombie until 15 minutes after being tagged.
• Even something as little as skimming clothing counts as a tag. This is to eliminate ambiguity of what is a tag and what isn’t. Backpacks or bags count as part of the human (they are covering a part of the human’s body, no?)
• A zombie has 48 hours after last tagging a human to tag another human before they starve. A zombie that starves is out of the game.
• A human that was turned into a zombie has 48 hours from BECOMING a zombie to tag a human, else they starve.
• If you are tagged, please report that you were tagged, who tagged you, and when you were tagged to the appropriate place (to be announced).
• If you are a zombie and tag someone, report who you tagged and when to the same place.

Stunning Rules:
• A human can stun a zombie by shooting the zombie with a Nerf gun or hitting them with a thrown marshmallow or balled up sock.
• Other weapons are prohibited, as are other methods of using the weapons. Nerf guns must have their darts fired and the marshmallows and socks must be thrown. You can’t make a marshmallow or sock glove and hit zombies, nor make any other melee weapon out of anti-zombie materials.
• Hitting a zombie counts in a fashion similar to tagging a human: any part of clothing or accessory counts as a hit. A zombie cannot protect themselves with a backpack, bag, or jacket. If they are holding on to one of these things and it is struck with a Nerf dart, sock, or marshmallow, they are stunned.
• A stunned zombie cannot tag humans for 15 minutes after being stunned. Furthermore, a stunned zombie cannot continue to physically harm a human while stunned (for example, you can’t act as a meat shield for another zombie after being stunned). A stunned zombie must either stand still where they have been stunned or walk in the opposite direction of the human(s) he or she was after. However, a stunned zombie could potentially make a phone call to other zombies to let them know where a human is.
• A zombie can be stunned in any killzone, as well as any area that is within 10 feet of the exit of a safezone. This is to create a ‘buffer zone’ so that zombies can’t camp at a door and prevent humans from leaving a building no matter what.

Non-participants in the game cannot assist or harm either humans or zombies when humans and zombies encounter each other. Staying at home and asking roommates to bring you food, for example, while entirely wussy, is legal, but having a friend retrieve a sock you threw or stand in front of you as a meat shield is not okay.

• Anywhere outside that you are not required to be for academic, employment, or athletic purposes is a killzone. If you are walking outside on the way to or from class or to or from a commitment, you are not safe.
• Dorms will become killzones after 2 days, or sooner if it is found that not enough people are being tagged. When dorms become killzones, rooms of humans and non-players and bathrooms are the only safe zones.
• Rooms of zombies are killzones, as are houses/suites which only are home to infected players.
• 1 room doubles with only 1 infected player ARE killzones. In 2 room doubles, only the infected room is a killzone. If the other room belongs to a human or non-player, it is safe.
• In shared residences (i.e. with at least one human and one zombie) the only safe places are the rooms of the humans, the rooms of non-players, and the bathrooms. All other places are killzones.

• Rooms of humans are safe UNLESS they live in a 1 room double and their roommate is a zombie.
• Any academic building is a safezone.
• Dining halls are safe.
• Friedman Athletic Center is safe, as are any CFA buildings.
• Weshop is safe, and the hall outside it counts as part of WestCo, so refer to dorm rules for safety in that area.
• Dorms are safe for the first 2 days, except for rooms of zombies. This is subject to change if humans are not dying fast enough. If dorms become killzones, bathrooms and rooms of humans and non-players are still safe.
• Residences of non players are SAFE. This includes houses/suites/dorm rooms of anyone not participating in the game, so long as every resident of these places is not playing.
• If you have somewhere outside you must be for academic, employment, or athletic reasons, you are safe for the time you are there.

Leaving Campus:
• You cannot be off campus for more than 4 hours while participating in the game as a human. There is no way to keep track of this, but if you are going to leave campus, please let the game admins know so you can be removed from the game.
• When off campus, if you are outside you are not safe. If you are inside you are safe.

Read the above rules on killzones and safezones as follows: If you are outside, except for academics or athletic requirements, YOU ARE NOT SAFE. That’s the major threat. Whether or not rooms or dorms are safe should also be made clear from the above rules.

The humans win if all the zombies starve, and the zombies win if they eat all the humans.

Remember: The first and foremost rule is to HAVE FUN. Follow the rules, foster teamwork, and play in the spirit of the game. Don’t cheat or try to find loopholes to win, just play and kick undead ass (or eat some brains, if you’re one of THEM).

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    not sure if I’m playing yet, but my workshop is definitely open for Nerf Gun modifications.-esb

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    not sure if I’m playing yet, but my workshop is definitely open for Nerf Gun modifications.

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