Film Hall Double Feature

Film Hall will be putting on a Double Feature tonight, showing Electric Dragon 80000V and Deep Throat:

Electric Dragon 80000V follows Dragon Eye Morrison, as he gets struck by lightening as a child, granting him electric superpowers, bursts of rage, and awakens his inner dragon. The only thing that keeps him calm is his electric guitar. Elsewhere in Tokyo, Thunder Buddha reigns as an electronic vigilante with 2000000 volts of electricity running through him. Naturally, they duke it out. Rock.


A girl needs to untangle her tingler, which instead of being in the normal spot between the legs is 9 inches down her throat. We all know what comes next. It’s the greatest and most influential film of all time to feature large amounts of things going into people’s mouths and grossed 50,000 times its production cost.

So it’s an angry electric guitar playing superhero fighting a vigilante named Thunder Buddha, and the world’s most famous porn film. And it’s free.

Date: Friday, April 13
Time: 8-10pm
Place: Film Hall (Nic 6 basment)

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