Guns Drawn, The Boys, The Boca All-Stars to play Westco Cafe

If OMGMUSIC isn’t quite your cup of saturday night musical experience tea, or if you’d rather see bands composed of your wonnerful peers, you might want to check this out: “A TRIPLE FEATURE SPECTACULAR the likes of which you’ve never seen before… unless you have seen Grindhouse… while hopped up on Special K… while receiving a blow job… while smelling the scent of freshly baked apple pie… while feeling the kiss of a cool breeze…while tasting the salt of your tears as they trickle down your cheek.”

ze Bands:
Guns Drawn:
Prospector: Joe Stankus
Sheriff: Jon Sirlin
Outlaw: Jake Greenberg
“Drummer”: Dustin Brockner

The Boys:
The Dirrrty Clown
Big Joe Stankus
MC Testee
MC Unreliable
MC Grigorian

The Boca All-Stars
Miles Pearce: guitar
Miles Abraham Turner: Bass
Galen DeGraf: Drums

Time: 10pm, Saturday Night
Place: The Westco Cafe
Price: Sweat, Fear

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