Like Mocon, but without those annoying scoops

For those on 4-20 who will undoubtedly be…hungry, Stefan Weinberger ’10 and Jason Krigsfeld ’10, will be erecting a makeshift ice-cream parlour out of their window in Down 1 that faces the Westco courtyard. Multiple delicious flavors, all-you-can eat toppings, and other goodies aplenty will be offered at bargain-basement rock-bottom prices. 3 bones will get you a fatty cup o’ cream! MOST of the proceeds from this event will benefit the Westco Community. Bring your appetite, be it natural or induced, and don’t forget to make your fiscally privileged, impressionable pre-frosh stop by.

If the weather is not unbearable, they will start selling at 2PM-ish and stop…Er…Whenever.

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