Other Wesfest shows

The Family of Mann

In the Southern Sahara, lions slowly stalk their prey, then make a rushing leap, going for the throat or suffocating the animal by by clamping jaws over its mouth and nose. Lionesses most often make the kills, but males tend to show dominance. In Southern California, behind the scenes of a major TV studio, the lines between hunter and prey are blurred as all parties stand poised to rip each other to shreds. A young writer, Belinda, joins the cutthroat production team behind the hit sitcom, “The Family of Mann”. As she struggles for survival among the males of the species, she must decide which behaviors are the natural way and which are downright primitive. Starring Matt Connolly ’09, Jessica Posner ’09, Daphne Schmon ’09 and Ben Smolen ’10. Directed by Marguerite Weisman ’09.


  • Thursday, April 19th: 8pm
  • Friday, April 20th: 8pm
  • Saturday: April 21st: 2pm, 8pm

Location: 92 Theater
Admission: Free tickets are available at the Davenport Campus Center

Spring Faculty Dance Concert

The Repertory and Performance Course performs a new work Hortus Conclusus (The Goddess), under the direction of Dance Department Associate Professor/Chair Pedro Alejandro and in collaboration with Theater Department Scenic Designer Marcela Otiiza and Composer Pete DiGennaro. Visiting Instructor in Dance/African American Studies Ronald Burton, along with guest artists Dani Lunn and Kimberly Mullen, perform Spirit of the Orixas of the traditional Afro-contemporary Brazilian Candombli. Visiting Assistant Professor Kim Root performs a solo. Artist-in-Residence Hari Krishnan, performs a new contemporary piece in collaboration with guitarist Daniel Phoenix Singh.


  • Friday, April 2oth: 8pm
  • Saturday, April 21st: 8pm

Location: CFA Theater
Admission: $8 General, $6 Wesleyan Students

Yet more bands

Date: Friday, April 20th
Time: 9pm
Venue: Eclectic

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