Star and Crescent Menu – "It’s grubbin!!"

Dinner: tofu & spinach soup, Chinese red-cooked chicken or tofu (vegan)(braised in fragrant spiced soy sauce liquid), rice, seasonal vegetable, coconut and semolina custard

Lunch: salmon or tofu (vegan) moqueca (Brazilian stew), rice, bananas with syrup
Dinner: house salad, lasagna with or without meat (beef) sauce, seasonal vegetable, fresh baked bread, pound cake

Lunch: grilled cheese and tomato soup, Steve’s chocolate cake
Dinner: lentil soup, roasted pork loin or tofu (vegan)or TUNA STEAK, white beans, seasonal vegetable, gingerbread


Lunch: tacos de carne asada (steak) or chileajo (vegetables w/ garlic-chile sauce)(vegan available), chips and salsa, pan de chocolate (cupcakes)
Dinner: house salad, sauerbraten (German braised beef) or tofu version or STEAK, egg noodles, seasonal vegetable, sachertorte (chocolate cake w/ apricot glaze)

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