Battle of the DJs

Perhaps some of you remember Spring Flings in the past, when the bands stop playing and the sound guy turns on Linkin Park or Staind and everybody has a collective come down from the awesomeness that is the first day of reading week. Is that what you want to hear on your day? On your Spring Fling?

I didn’t think so.

To remedy this problem, I propose to you, THE BATTLE OF THE DJS. In between sets at the battle of the bands, we want 6 DJs to spin their hearts out. These DJs will be evaluated, and two or three of them will have the opportunity to spin in between sets at Spring Fling on May 9. Sound like something you want to do?

This is cutting it kind of close I know, but if you can, leave a brief mix (5-10 minutes) in the Social Committee box at the WSA building before Sunday, April 22 at 5 PM. Make sure the mix will give listeners a pretty good idea of what your set would be like, and make sure it is interesting to skip through and check out different sections, because unfortunately, we might not have time to listen to every mix all the way through. So make it all sound good. It would also be helpful if you could leave a note with your mix describing the set up you use to DJ so we can get a better picture of what your live set will be like. All styles will be considered, and we welcome variety. The sickest 6 DJs will be chosen to spin at the Battle, and then we will decide from there.

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