WSA Tidings

1. The WSA is conducting a poll on student opinion about chalking.

2. Estrella Lopez ’07 tells me:

Hey all, its election season, and this year we’re having 2 consecutive rounds of elections. Right now you can go to the voting website and vote in 2 elections, one is a poll on chalking and the other is to approve the new student body constitution. This round of elections will end at noon on April 22nd at which point the WSA elections for President, Vice President and class representatives will take place as well as the Senior Class Officer Elections.

Any potential candidates who have not yet filled out a petition to be a candidate in next week’s elections should contact the WSA Coordinator elopez@wes for WSA elections and Arijit Sen asen@wes for Senior Class Officer elections. The deadline to get your petition in is tomorrow, so move quickly!

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