Is Advertising Dead?

Darren Kapelus ’87, and Senior Partner and Executive Group Director of the advertising agency, Ogilvy and Mather, Worldwide, will come to campus Wednesday, April 25th to address the issue “Is Advertising Dead?”

In this enlightening conversation, Mr. Kapelus, whose world renowned agency has addressed issues of self esteem and beauty stereotypes with the Dove “Campaign for Real Beauty,” will discuss how the advertising industry is shifting from talking at to listening to consumers.

“Is Advertising Dead?” will be a great event for students interested in careers in marketing, branding and advertising, as well as students who have an interest in how the “traditional” advertising industry is being forced to re-invent itself.

To reserve your seat in PAC 001 for this lecture, go to to the MyCRC calendar on April 25th and click on the Sign-up button.

Date: Wednesday, April 25th
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