Star and Crescent!

Dinner: house salad, pork chop stuffed with Cajun cornbread dressing(stuffing) or vegetarian version w/ mushrooms and tofu or STEAK, boiled potatoes, seasonal vegetable, Steve’s chocolate cake
Lunch: kibbe w/ lamb or vegetarian version (Middle Eastern lamb and bulgur pie) (vegan available), yogurt and cucumber salad, tabbouleh, muhalabya (milk pudding)
Dinner: BBQ chicken or tofu (vegan), mac & cheese, collard greens, cornbread, red velvet cake
Closed Wednesday
Lunch: Puerto Rican pinon beef or vegetable version (casserole with plantains, green beans, egg, beef), rice and beans, pina colada cake
Dinner: Ethiopian doro w’et (spicy chicken stew) or yetakelt w’et (spicy mixed vegetable stew), lentils, seasonal vegetable, injera, fresh fruit

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