Wikipedia Taught Me: Film Edition

As I prepare to graduate, I think about my education…

As I continue thinking, I realize all of the things I learned from wikipedia that I didn’t learn at Wesleyan.

To begin: See that lady over there? Well, that lady is actually a man, Harris Glenn Milstead…commonly known as his stage/drag name, Divine. Milstead was the inspiration for Ursula the sea witch, a character from the 1989 Disney animated-feature The Little Mermaid. Unfortunately, it seems that he never saw the film, as he died in 1988 from sleep apnea right before he was set to play a duel role on Fox’s Married With Children as Peggy’s mother and Uncle Otto. Milstead played duel roles twice before in the films Female Trouble and Hairspray.

Most importantly, Disney apparently loves drag queens. And I learned this all from wikipedia.

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