Appropriate? The Racial Politics of Cultural Appropriation

Caroline Rober ’08 informs us of a cool panel discussion going on tomorrow afternoon:

Eminem? Frat luaus? Bindis and toe rings as fashion statements? American Indian mascots? Whites with dreadlocks and mohawks? Hawaiian reggae? When does the practice of cultural borrowing become a question of cultural theft or racism? What are the political effects of using cultural traditions that are not “one’s own”? What happens when one takes the symbols of another people and uses them in a different way? When does “imitation as flattery” become unflattering? How can we understand the commodification and de-politicization of culture?

Moderator: Sasha Endo
Presenters: Indira Karamcheti, Allan Isaac, and J. Kehaulani Kauanui

Date: Wednesday, April 25
Time: 4:15
Place: Russell House

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