BioJustice: Brian Tokar

Date: Today
Time: 8pm
Place: PAC 002
Awesomeness: Brian Tokar on BioTechnology and Ecological Sustainability
Blurb: “Brian Tokar has been an has been an activist, author and a leading critical voice for ecological activism since the 1970s, and is a faculty member and Biotechnology Project Director at the Institute for Social Ecology in Vermont. Brian has lectured throughout the U.S., as well as internationally, and is acclaimed as a passionate advocate of grassroots action for food sovereignty and global justice. His articles on environmental issues, emerging ecological movements, and resistance to genetic engineering appear in Z Magazine, Earth Island Journal, Toward Freedom, and many other publications. Brian holds concurrent degrees from MIT in biology and physics, and a Masters degree in biophysics from Harvard University.”

Awesome, extremely smart, passionate individual. Go see him.

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