Writing Workshops: Exists, Is Lonely

Hi hi, crunch time. Why aren’t you at the writing workshop? We got an e-mail from a lonely writing tutor imploring you to check out this resource. And, you know. Give her company.

Locations: Olin 106, PAC 413, Downey 103

Hours: All locations Sunday-Thursday, 7-11 pm; Downey 103 Monday-Thursday, 1:30-4:30 pm

Appointment? PAC and Olin, no (just show up); Downey House, yes. To make an appointment, call ext. 2440 OR sign up on the sheets outside Downey 103 OR email writingworks@wesleyan.edu.

What to bring: Paper drafts, outlines, assignment sheets, readings for the class, or just an idea

Come if you have nothing, come if you’re on the final draft. Just come.

SPECIAL SHINY NEW FEATURE: The Downey House office now has FOOD. Brownies and pastries, every night. So free food+paper help. Why aren’t you there NOW?

This is the link to the Workshop’s website so you can even facebook-stalk your tutor before you go.

Said tutor-you-should stalk is Julia Milton ’09, by the way. JUUUUULIA MILTON.

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