The Curse of Monkey Island, Part II

The Curse of Monkey Island, Part II, on 88.1 FM, WESU, Middletown(The Curse Gets Worse)

Will our strapping young hero, Guybrush Threepwood, reach Blood Island safely, and there find a ring to break the evil curse cast upon his one true love?

Find out this week on the Waterpipe Theatre! It’s the sequel to the gut-bustin’, cliff-hangin’ first installment of a three-part adaptation of the classic LucasArts graphic adventure game.

Listen live at 2PM on Saturday, April 27th on 88.1 FM, WESU, Middletown. Or stream live at

You can also listen to The Curse of Monkey Island, Part I, at the Sans Serif Podcast.

Starring: Adam Read-Brown, Edward Bauer, Zach LeClair, Randa Tawil, Micah Dubreuil, Gedney Barclay, Sarah Elmaleh, Sean Richards, Aaron Ruben, Mary Lauran Hall, Jessalee Landfried, Ben Seretan, and John Cusick.

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