The End Never Comes

The End Never Comes (das ende kommt nie)
a radio play by wolfgang hildesheimer, 1952
as translated, directed and produced by Andrea Silenzi ’07
When: friday at 7pm and 9pm
Where: fisk hall

As an honors thesis in the College of Letters and German Studies, Andrea has translated, directed and produced a radio play by the German absurdist Wolfgang Hildesheimer. Her translation, “The End Never Comes” will be performed with a live cast and sound effects this Friday, April 27th at 7pm and then again at 9pm in Fisk Hall.

These performances will give you the chance to listen very, very closely to the work of an extremely talented group of performers and to the work of a brilliant radio playwright.

After the performance, the production will be debut on her radio show on Saturday April 28th at 1pm on WESU Middletown 88.1FM and online on

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