Submissions Guidelines

  • Do you like Wesleying enough to want to help make it happen? Every time we ask this we pick up some awesome people so there’s no reason to stop asking. If you ever have any inkling for posting events, ideas, photos, articles, youtube videos, whatever to Wesleying, email us at Wesleying(at) and let us know you’re interested in being a contributor. Blogging is probably one of the easiest and least time-costly things you could possibly do in life besides breathing and boiling water.
  • Same goes if you are in a student group or social house which has relatively frequent events (like concerts and such) that you want publicized. Consider volunteering as a contributer yourself, even if the only thing you post is your events. Everybody wins!
  • We love user-generated content! More Wesleyan Youtube Videos, please! More Wesleyan band Mp3’s! Get on your soap box, perform a song, write a sonnet, burn a cardboard model dorm to the ground…again (it’s actually really satisfying) and send it in to us!
  • If you have an event, please keep the following things in mind when you submit:
    • Take a look at how we format events. We keep a very consistent template for most things: Title, what’s happening (and/or why), Date, Time, Place, and Cost (if any). We try to keep things short and concise (nature of the medium).
      • If you would like credit for your submission (we love giving credit where credit is due!) it would help if you give us your name and year.
        • Check if we’ve posted it already. Sometimes we’ll get six or seven heads up for an event we’ve already posted.
          • Try not to tell us too far in advance. If we post it immediately and your event isn’t for another week, no one will remember. Try notifying us a day or two in advance (by Thursday if it’s a weekend event).
            • Please send submissions to Wesleying(at), not to me or Xue personally (and especially not through facebook). Not that we don’t adore you, it’s just that this a team effort and we depend on each other. Like a weird, dysfunctional internet family.
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