Vermonteers Needed

Professor Lynn Owens, as some of you may know, will be moving out to teach at Middlebury next year. However, this summer, he will be doing research in Europe between May 23 and June 16. This puts him into a bit of a bind:

I have an extended research trip to “the continent.” how splendid! yes, except for one catch: my cat. given that i know nary a vermonter who could help me, i wonder if there might be some gentle wesleyan souls out there who live in the burlington area (or dream of spending 3 glorious summer weeks there) who wouldn’t mind dropping by from time to time to make sure my cat isn’t starving to death. she is very low maintenance (not to mention bristling over with love), and would not demand non stop attention (although she would welcome it, if one felt the urge), just an occasional visit to check the food and water situation. any cat sitter is more than welcome to transform hirself into a house sitter, if so desired. our home will gladly welcome you.

Feel free to email Lynn at (lowens@wes) if interested.

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