Moaning workshop: "it’s better than a primal scream"

For those of you who missed it at this year’s Sexpo, Emily House is leading another “Moaning Workshop.” It sounds weird, but it was one of the most interesting and amazing experiences I’ve encountered at Wesleyan – if it sounds at all interesting, I highly recommend you try it. Blindfolds will be provided during the vocalization section in order to create a safer space for everyone involved. All genders, experiences, and vocal ranges are welcome.

So, what is a Moaning Workshop?

Now, many of you are probably thinking, “MOANING workshop? What on earth-? Awkward.” That’s understandable. Moaning is so often stigmatized, made voyeuristically pornographic and/or is so totally conflated with sex, that it is relegated to the secrecy of one’s room, if expressed at all. This workshop is allows us to take a critical look at how we understand moaning and creates a safe, non-voyeuristic space in which to explore our own vocalization. It’s gotten a great response before, and is a *rejuvenating* way to end your week and begin your weekend.

Date: Friday, May 4th
Time: 4:30 – 6:00 pm
Location: Meeting Room 1 on 3rd floor of the campus center

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