It’s not over yet

I want a HideAway Cozy:

We all have these moments when we wish the world could just stop existing for a while. Whether it’s to get away from a personal crisis or from universal threats, from time to time all we want to do is curl up and hide. Now, for these moments we have the perfect solution: the HideAway. Pre-shaped in the hiding-position, this cover has a snug fit and is easy to use. you can get into it fast and easy, anywhere and at any time. HideAways are available in a range of positions, materials and sizes. They are compact and lightweight, and stored in the useful carry-on bag, you can take your HideAway everywhere you go. Choose out of our evergrowing collection, or have a HideAway custom-made for your loved ones or for yourself.

Anyways, my personal apologies for the blog-coma. I’m sure I speak for all of our contributors when I say we’re 1) fucked, 2) sorry. If you sent in an event and it wasn’t posted, I wish I could offer you cookies or something but I’m out of points.

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