Fine, Leana, I’ll post it again

5th instar chinese mantis and acrea tiger moth duke it out. Yes, the mantis won. Yes, it ate it all. Yes, it took 2 fucking hours.

Vaguely college-related, perhaps too personal for Wesleying, I don’t care:

  • Sometimes I criticize my decision to be a science major, but then remember… I have a job! It’s making monies! Awesome!
  • Realized last night that at this point next year I want to be on my own. Minor panic attack.
  • Also realized last night that GREs, fellowships, and grad school are just around the corner. Augmented panic attack.
  • Speaking of GREs: What the hell? I thought I was done with all this when I was 17?
  • Are those nifty Ph.D robes (okay, so you get much more intangible, valuable stuff than that, like….knowledge…but still) really worth 930843204 years in grad school? Do I really want this? Am just doing what I’ve always been told should be done?
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