Wesleyan’s Youngah Cousins

So I’m driving across the country.. or zig-zagging across it, or something, and I think I’ve passed at least 6 Wesleyans so far. Only got photos of the most recent one, though. I’m currently sitting about 20 feet from Mitchell, South Dakota’s Corn Palace, which apparently hosts some of nearby Dakota Wesleyan’s basketball games in its cathedral-sized indoor cavity. It’s essentially a ridiculously over-advertised gigantic building covered in murals made out of corn, AKA one town’s ancient tourist edifice. I think we should ask the administration for a frickin’ corn palace next to Freeman, or at least some sweet corn murals in the field house, lest our knockoff sister institutions outflank us in corn-tastic excess.
(if for some reason you like random photos from America with a capital A, you can check out our road-picture-feed-thing here)

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