SparkNotes being assholes on Facebook

So SparkNotes has started spamming groups on Facebook. It started the following thread on the Wes 2011 group calling for yer college essays:

Congratulations Students! Spark Publishing, a division of Barnes & Noble, produces a wide range of academic, test-prep, and lifestyle books for the high-school, college, and twenty-something market. Our website,, is the #1 educational website on the internet. We’re currently putting together a guide for great admissions essays and we want to include examples of amazing essays (i.e. YOURS!) that got you into:

* College
* Business School
* Graduate School
* Law School
* Medical School

If you’ve been accepted to a top program in the last five years, send an email, including the name of your school / program and the essay (including the prompt if applicable) as an attachment, to Lindsay Weiskittel at PDF and Word files only. No phone calls, please.

If selected, your name (or pseudonym, if you prefer), essay, and school affiliation will appear in the book.

Thank you and congratulations again!

Most responses are along the lines of “Fuck you and everything you stand for” (Does anyone else remember when The Spark was cool? The stinky meat project? The stinky feet project? Anyone?), but I do like this response from a prefrosh who is cooler than I will ever be:

Here’s mine:

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??????? ?????? ??????? ?, ???????? ?? ????????? ? ?????? ?????????? ??????????????: ??? ????????? ??????? ?? ????? ????? ???????????? ?????, ??? ????? ???? ??????? ?????????????? ???? ?? ????????: ?????? ?????????? ? ?????, ?????, ??????????? ????????, ????????????? ? ??????????????: ?? ????? ? ??????? ??????????????? ????? ? ????? ??????????? ????? ? ???????? ?????? ???? ?????????:

That said, if you actually want to submit to this thing…Well, I’ve heard of some ridiculous/amazing college essays from Wes students (Lola, I’m looking at you). And, hell, if you send US your essays, we’ll post them here too!

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8 thoughts on “SparkNotes being assholes on Facebook

  1. Anonymous

    my essay ended like this: “And, luckily, I didn’t have to slice a single eyeball.”

  2. Anonymous

    my essay ended like this: “And, luckily, I didn’t have to slice a single eyeball.”

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