Because, who are you kidding, you’re no rockstar

We here at Wesleying love energy drinks. Well, okay, Holly and I love energy drinks. This may be at least partially due to Weshop’s insistence on stocking every single energy drink known to man (minus Cocaine, for GOD KNOWS WHAT REASON), but hot damn, show me a can that purports to make me an academic god and I will buy that son-of-a-bitch.

So anyways, there’s a new energy drink called Nerd. Developed by a med student (which is a dubious honor in and of itself. I mean, I used to be pre-med. Think about that), it contains, among other things, DMAE, a precursor to my favorite neurotransmitter, acetylcholine. Other uses for DMAE: paint remover and boiler water. It also might maybe sort of kill quail. O RLY?

Nerd also contains Huperzine A, which is being investigated as a treatment for Alzheimer’s Disease. This is because it’s an cholinesterase inhibitor. Other notable cholinesterase inhibitors: Snake venom, pesticides and sarin gas.

But, I mean, even nutmeg can kill you, and I’m a sucker for a good marketing strategy.

You can buy a 24-pack of Nerd here for $48 with free shipping. That’s $2 per 12oz can of sweet, sweet quail killer. Remember: Weshop charges almost $3 for a 6oz Red Bull….And they’ve started watching their security cameras.

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