Another Insane Craigslist Ad

Get married to help stranger pay for tuition:


my name is john, im searching a girl to get married. i have an absolutely legal status here, but this marriage will help me reduce the tuition cost for college, which is very important for me.

i can offer some compensation for your help.
you need to be:

20-23 y.o.,never married before, have no kids and no criminal records.
if interested, let me know and i will send you more info about the marriage.

best regards,

…even though, yesterday, same post except he’s saying he doesn’t have absolutely legal status here and needs to get married for a green card.

There’s also this guy who posts like six times a day, every day, for months asking to suck your dirty feet.

God, I love Craigslist for Hartford. It’s the sketchiest thing ever

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