Wesleying Summer Lecture Series

Continuing in my typical fashion of bringing you somewhat educational content at times when Wesleyan sees fit to leave us to our own intellectual devices (WHY?), I think I shall start a summer lecture series to go along with my Fight Winter Brain Rot series. I will unimaginatively entitle this Wesleying’s Summer Lecture Series. Mostly, it is to remind our dear Wesleyan that it is so woefully behind the times so far as open learning and web technology goes compared to other peer institutions* but also partly because some of this shit is so fucking cool, I’d be depriving the entirety of the human race assloads of awe and wonder if I were not to share it. Seriously. Ok, maybe that’s going overboard. But I’ll do my best.**

Today’s lecture is entitled Rip, Mix, Burn, Sue given by Edward W. Felton, who describes the lecture as “a layperson’s introduction to the technology/copyright wars.” If you’re interested in the glory of, say, the network or the RIAA’s inane legal bullshit this is a fun watch.

It also has a pretty sweet quote from Mr. Rogers about his feelings on videotaping when advertisers and production studios tried to make VCRs illegal in the 1970’s.

*If you are a member of the Wesleyan administration and are offended by this, please feel welcome to contact me (or any internet-literate person between the ages of 17 and 24) and I’ll fill you in on your low-cost, high-yield options that other schools are already whipping us in–student-run blogs notably an exception.

**As always, if you find something fascinating, send it my way at hwood@wes with some idea of what it is. I’m looking for videos and podcasts (mp3s).

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