Harry Potter Toy Aisle

Well, if you’re really, really, really into Harry Potter and plan on being one of those people who will wait in line for hours waiting for the next film or will willingly get themselves locked in at your local Borders for the night anxiously awaiting the last book in full Hufflepuff garb (God help you, Joe John), then you’ll need to dress the part. And evidently, Amazon has created a special store designed almost specifically to outfit the closet L.I.T. (Larper-in-Training).*

What every fashionable young wizard is wearing this week:Harry’s Glasses

And don’t forget:

Among other things.

*(By the way, can you imagine what Tolkien’s reaction to an entire store of Hobbit-related consumer items would have been? Hilarious, that’s what it would have been. Hilarious. And I still wonder what Lewis would have thought about Disney’s Narnia merchandise.)

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