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This is far from a secret, but I am genuinely excited about Usdan. Pissed off about dining, yes, but Usdan as a whole? I am so ready to pull a Cinderella at the ball– You know, walk through the doors, gasp, and twirl around in delight. Little sparrows will fly down from the ceiling, envelop me in sparkles and I will emerge in a brilliant puffy ballgown. Enchanted violins will start playing. Maybe a classical guitar ensemble. You know when Harry Potter sees the Great Hall for the first time? Like that.

Tim Shiner from student activities here. Just wanted to let you know that the Usdan website is still in development and there is a bit of information still missing. One thing that is missing is the “Posting, Banners & Displays” policy, still in development. I realized after reading your post that this is pretty misleading because it makes it seem like the information under “Decorations” is for posters and banners too…not the case.

Say you have a meeting room and you want to tape a bunch of paper to the walls. This is decoration.

There will be a bunch of bulletin boards, some display cases (one of which will house student art), and several places to hang larger banners. We just haven’t been able to work out the details as they had in Davenport since we haven’t really seen the finished building yet. The policy page will be updated as soon as we get in the building. If you have any other thoughts or ideas about what students would like for advertising space in the building you can email me at or Joanne Rafferty (the new Associate Director for Operations) at

Holly adds: Yeah, I guess it’s my bad for noticing that decorations didn’t include posters and banners, except, oh wait, it explicitly banned posters and banners on all surfaces of Usdan:

Decorations, posters, banners, etc may not be attached to the walls, ceilings, glass or other surfaces of the Usdan University Center without the express written consent of the University Center staff.

And we’ve always been at war with Eurasia, Wesleying. Always.

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